Google is forbidden to be the main search engine on Android

Android is an Operating System Platform on a Cellphone developed by a search engine company from the United States, Google. So that is a natural thing when every smartphone that uses the Android operating system will make Google as their main search engine. However, this fact was not accepted by the European Union countries.

Yes, the EU committee has decided that Google will not be the main search engine on Android phones specifically for Countries that are members of the European Union. In addition to having to pay a fine of USD 5 billion, Google was also asked to provide an alternative search engine for users of the Green Robot OS. But it should be noted, this rule only applies in European Union countries only.

In further information, Google will later be asked to provide choices to its users, related to what search engines they will use to display search results, while the four choices include DuckDuckGo, Yahoo, Bing and Google. This rule is the aftermath of accusations of the European Union Commission which considers Google to have practiced a monopoly on search engines with a number of aspects highlighted.

One of the reasons that becomes the main reference is that Google deliberately and without the consent of Smartphone users has made their search engine as the main search engine on smartphones that use the Android operating system. In addition, In addition, as reported by The Guardian, Google is said to have eliminated the right of consumers to choose search engines.

Although it sounds trivial, but in fact this decision is not easy to take, it takes a predicted time to reach 39 months to take that decision. Of course the main reason is because it violates the right of smartphone users to choose their default browser.

Indeed, Google itself is a quite futuristic search engine with various features offered such as Voice Search, Translate and so on. However, users still have the right to choose the search engine that they will use. In Indonesia, it seems that things like this do not become the government’s special attention. How do you see it? Do in Indonesia such rules need to be applied?

Penulis: | 13 Januari 2020 | blog