Go All Out With All American Poker

All American Poker is an amazingly easy poker game. Any video game lover will know the effect this game has on the gambler. The poker was developed by Microgaming and it follows standard rules of any video poker. It makes for an interesting gameplay both for a newbie as well as a veteran player. The poker game takes Jacks or Better as the foundation and utilizes regular 52 cards deck. It is usually referred to as the game, which is between the player and a dealer. Here, a hand having a higher value than jacks gets paid. The RTP of poker is fixed at a fascinating 99.37%. 

Poker Layout 

The regular 52 cards deck is made use of. At the start, you are dealt with 5 cards before which the cards are shuffled thoroughly. To make the strongest hand, hold maximum number of cards. The other ones would be disposed off and in their place, fresh ones from the deck are kept. 

Pay Table

The payouts are as follows. The fixed multipliers are used to pay out the appropriate amount.

  • Royal Flush combination: This gives you a payout of 4000 credits when you bet 5 coins, 1000 when you bet 4 coins, 750 for 3, 500 for 2 and 250 for 1.
  • Straight Flush combination: This gives you 1000 credits when playing 5 coins, 800 credits for 4, 600 for 3, 400 for 2 and 200 for 1.
  • 4 of a kind combination: The payout suddenly takes a dip from here on. You will get 170 credits when you play with 5 coins, 136 credits for 4, 102 for 3, 68 for 2 and 34 for 1 coin.
  • Full house, Flush and Straight combination: These 3 combinations pay the same amount. 40 credits for 5 coins, 32 for 4, 24 for 3, 16 for 2 and a meager 8 for a single coin. 

Bonus Features 

Double or Nothing Feature: This video poker has a bonus game, which is optional. It is up to you if you want to play the feature or no.

As soon as you win a hand, the feature is triggered. If you do not want to play the feature, click on ‘No’. When you click on ‘Yes’, you have a chance to double your prize money.

In this context, 4 cards facing down are shown to you along with the dealer’s card, which is visible. You have to choose a card higher in value than the dealer’s card, from the 4 cards facing down. If you succeed, the money is doubled or else you would lose all your earnings.

Final Thoughts 

This poker game seems to favor those who have the much needed poker skills, apart from luck. Learn the basics well and go ahead with All American Poker. If you want to play the game, register yourself at BetDeal. You can even learn about getting the odds here.


  • Very easy to understand and play.
  • The option of Autoplay is provided in the poker.
  • The doubling option is very appealing.


  • There is no provision of wild cards.
  • Only, the royal flush jackpot is huge. Other than that, the others are very minimal.

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