Gisel admits sex video was recorded using her phone

The entertainment world in the country was really shocked by the appointment of Gisella Anastasia alias Gisel as the perpetrator of the 19-second sex video case that went viral some time ago.

Yes, after all this time, Gading Martin’s ex-wife admitted that the woman in the video was herself. While the male figure only revealed his initials, MYD.

In her confession, the video was recorded in 2017 at a hotel in Medan City. The video was recorded using Gisel’s personal phone, which was then sent to her lover’s cellphone, MYD.

“The video was clear, GA, then she sent it to the man, MYD, via AirDrop. Yes, clearly it was recorded at a hotel in Medan in 2017,” said Head of Public Relations of Polda Metro Jaya, Kombes Yusri Yunus.

Furthermore, the police revealed that based on information from MYD, the video only lasted one week on his cellphone before being permanently deleted.

“Mr. MYD admitted that after he received the video from GA, a week later it was deleted,” said Yusri.

Unlike Nobu, Gisel herself admitted that she did not immediately delete the video, rather she did not have time, because her cellphone was damaged and then disappeared.

“Then her cellphone was damaged,” explained Yusri.

Before disappearing, Gisel admitted that she had entrusted the cellphone to her nephew and had also asked someone to repair it.

“Continue to ask someone to fix it. Those with damaged cellphones will be entrusted with her nephew, and after few days of missing, the phone was found back,” said Yusri.

Obviously, Gisel and the man with initials MYD in the video admitted that the video was for personal, not to be distributed.

“If asked, the answer must be for personal, right? She won’t possibly say, ‘for me to “sell” something’,” said Yusri Yunus.

In fact, the indication that Gisel is a woman in the video continues to strengthen, but the person concerned chose to remain silent.

Moreover, recently Hotman Paris also had time to reveal that Gisel admitted that she lost her cellphone containing important data. It’s just not known what data was intended.

Penulis: | 30 Desember 2020 | blog