Gilang Dirga claimed ever have separate beds with wife

Although there were no rumors or slanted news that could be heard related to his household, Indonesian presenter Gilang Dirga admitted that he and his wife ever have separate beds. What’s wrong?

Since four years ago or in 2016, Gilang Dirga and Adiesty Fersa have indeed been officially married. It’s just that, up to four years of marriage, both are still not blessed with a child.

Because of this, the couple had planned to do IVF, but in the midst of these plans, Adiezty actually caught the flu. Well, because of the pain that was experienced Gilang Dirga and his wife decided to have separate beds, so that the husband did not get sick.

Both of them have separate beds for more or less a week, but of course this had nothing to do with household problems.

“So at that time the embryo transfer was delayed due to illness. It hurts the flu and cough. So afraid of contagious. She also still going out, so we decide to sleep in separate rooms for a week,” said Adieztt Fersa in one of the private television programs.

Although she had caught a cold, fortunately the IVF process continued to run, so far, it has reportedly entered the embryo transfer process.

Actually, Adiezty Fersa did have a chance to conceive, even twice since getting married to Gilang Dirga. She had miscarried in the same period, for the same reason, where the fetus in the womb did not develop properly.

Regarding these bad memories, Adiezty Fersa said that her miscarriage was not caused by the wrong content, but purely because the fetus was not developing.

“Actually it’s not a miscarriage of the term. I was pregnant twice, the first was that the fetus did not develop at the age of 11 weeks. If the second one there is indeed a congenital heart defects in the baby

The difference is miscarriage is usually more miscarriage to the problem of the uterus and others,” closed Adiezty Fersa.

Meanwhile, Gilang Dirga and Adiezty Fersa are still active in the hybrid world. Gilang Dirga is still a presenter, while his wife is still active in music.

Penulis: | 12 Juni 2020 | blog