Get sanctions banned from racing, here’s Iannone’s confession

Aprilia Racing Rider Andrea Iannone has gone through a day without paving on the track for almost a year. So, how does the Italian man feel?

For those not yet, Andrea Iannone had previously stumbled over the case of using a steroid drug. The 31-year-old man reportedly consumed steroids at the MotoGP event in Malaysia in 2019 yesterday.

At least, medical tests showed that Iannone was proven to consume steroids. For his attitude, the former Ducati rider was then sanctioned in the form of a race ban for the next 18 months.

Not remaining silent, Iannone then appealed to the Sports Abitrage Court or CAS because he felt he did not take the drug. The plan, this Thursday (15/10) local time, CAS will announce the appeal decision.

Speaking of that, Iannone admitted that the period during which he had not raced for almost a year was really difficult. However, the person concerned can learn valuable lessons in his life.

“This period has many lessons, so in life everything is unpredictable and difficult to calculate. Today, if I hear people complain about useless things, I tell them to learn to appreciate the things they have.”

“My life has changed. From one day to the next, I find myself not being able to do what I always do, it’s not my choice. I don’t want this to happen to anyone,” Iannone told GP One.

Furthermore, Iannone admitted that being absent from the race for almost a year felt like being kidnapped. The person concerned hopes that justice can prove his innocence.

“I feel like I’ve been kidnapped, as if my life has been stolen. My job is to follow the rules, and hope that justice takes care of itself,” he said.

Interestingly, WADA as the World Anti-Doping Agency has also submitted an appeal to CAS regarding these sanctions. They thought that Iannone was more deserving of a race ban for the next four years.

Well, the announcement for the appeal from WADA will also be announced this Thursday, local time.

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