Get Ready for the High-Strung Match of Senegal vs Colombia This Thursday

The much-awaited Group H match between Senegal and Colombia on June 28, 2018 (Thursday) will be a nail-biting one for both the teams. Colombia has had a great time recently against Poland scoring 3 against Poland’s 0. With this confidence, the team held together and strengthened by the likes of Radamel Falcao and Midfielder James Rodriguez. The last match was something that the team will be talking for quite some time before they make any more such remarkable feats.

Colombia is currently holding a third position in the Group H. Senegal, on the other hand is currently on the second position. The percentage of Senegal winning is 21% and that of Colombia winning is 52% while there is a chance of 27% for the match to end in a draw.

It is not that Senegal does not have as much of a serious team or great performers. This Lions of Teranga team had faced Japan on Sunday at Ekaterinburg Arena and had ended the match with a 2-2.

This just shows that the upcoming match between Senegal and Colombia is as much vital for both the teams. The Senegal team goalkeeper had braved criticism for the goal that the Japanese team player Honda had delivered and that he had missed in keeping. This upcoming match, any such slip might prove to be very costly. In the last match against Japan the Senegal team began to take things very seriously just after the 55th minute. This might be their strategy but with Colombia they might have to re-work on their strategy.

Sadio Mane, the Forward player of Senegal had given the first goal to Senegal but he will have to be in action pretty early this time in the match to be costly enough for the opposition. Midfielder Cheikhou Kouyate and Forward Mbaye Niang had shown immense potential and promise this season. Though the team is not exactly happy that they did not win the match against Japan, they still are in the lead in the Group H, which is what they must fight hard to retain.

Once they are in control and are defending that position things will look better. Both Colombia and Senegal will play at Samara Arena and will be on the desperate rush to get to the goal faster and take their points table a notch above the existing place. After all, that will decide their further games and ranking.

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