Gattuso loses huge sums of money after leaving AC Milan

Gennaro Gattuso finally surrendered with conditions which forced him to leave AC Milan. Through his official program, the coach officially resigned from his position as coach of Milan on Tuesday, 27 May 2019.

Gattuso is actually still under contract with Milan until the upcoming 2021 season, and because of this he loses quite a lot starting from the material to his name as a coach. This process occurred after Gattuso accompanied Milan in the last match of the 2018-2019 Serie A season.

In the closing match, Gattuso managed to bring Milan to win 3-2 over SPAL. Gattuso’s decision to resign was considered not surprising, as if he did not back down his position was clearly not safe. There was news that Milan already bored with Gattuso’s failures.

Gattuso failed to reach the predetermined target of qualifying for the Champions League zone or in the top four of the final standings. Last season, Milan were only able to be ranked 5h with 68 points. In other words, Milan will still compete in the Europa League competition next season.

Gattuso’s status is purely resigned and not fired as gossip in the public. This decision was clearly very detrimental to him, because he would not get compensation for the rest of his contract. Different things when Gattuso was fired by Milan.

A reliable source also said this decision made Gattuso financial loss. He had to give up his two-year contract worth 11 million Euros or more than IDR 175 billion. In the action, Gattuso claimed he had no regrets.

In a brief statement, Gattuso does not see his hard work as a coach of Milan can be valued with money, moreover he is one of the Milan legend that spent his career with many titles studded with it.

“Did I finally dump the remaining two years of my contract? Yes, because my story with Milan can never be measured by money. You can prove it yourself, not just me, this can happen to other Milan legends,” said Gattuso in a media interview session.

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