Full-schedule awaiting, Quartararo: Who’s afraid?

The postponement of the first four MotoGP series this season can make the schedule more congested than the previous season. Although some riders have objections, but Fabio Quartararo claimed no problem with the race 15 weeks in a row.

The Corona pandemic has actually had an impact on all aspects throughout the world, including the 2020 MotoGP Agenda this season. The first four MotoGP series this year is definitely postponed, and the first new series will be held in May 2020.

Not only that, considering the European Continent felt the severe impact of exposure to this virus, each country finally asked their people to quarantine independently in their homes. Of course including the MotoGP riders who mostly come from the blue continent.

Fabio Quartararo as a French rider claimed to be quarantining himself in his hometown, Andorra. His condition is now fine, and he has only just left the house if it is very urgent, such as buying food.

“I’m in Andorra, and I’m fine. My current situation is not real quarantine, but I try to stay at home as long as possible. I only go when I have to buy something to eat, “said the racer who will be 21 years old on April 20 this.

Meanwhile, the postponement of the first four MotoGP series this season made the first series finally held in May at the Jerez Circuit, Spain. However, Quartararo looks pessimistic because his condition is now getting worse.

“Like the others, I think we will start racing in Jerez, but the situation is more difficult than it was two weeks ago. In my opinion, it is important to run as many races as possible so that this championship is valid, “said Quartararo.

With the delay of the MotoGP schedule this season, it means the competition can end longer than it should. But there are other solutions, the schedule can be more compacted. Although many disagree, the Yamaha Petronas SRT Rider is ready to race 15 times in a row in 15 weeks.

“If we have to undergo 15 successive races, without an audience, and Dorna asks us, then I will do what they ask. Unfortunately, fans have to watch us on TV, and obviously I prefer to race with the audience, “he concluded.

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