Fred Suggests Paul Pogba To Stay At Manchester United

A hope and suggestion expressed by Brazilian midfielder Fred in connection with one of his colleagues at Manchester United, Paul Pogba. Fred hopes that the French player will stay at Old Trafford.

During the last few months, midfielder Paul Pogba has performed well with Ole Gunnar Solskjaer’s squad. Its performance deserves thumbs up, it’s no wonder Manchester United have also recently received a number of satisfying results.

Unfortunately, the rumors of Pogba’s departure that had been echoing since several months ago have not subsided. In short, the potential for French players to leave Old Trafford in the summer has the opportunity to be realized.

In fact, in the last few weeks several names of top European clubs have begun to appear which are linked to the continuation of Pogba’s career next season.

Regarding this, Fred himself hopes that Pogba can continue to maintain his slick performance so that he helps the club win the title at the end of the season.

“I hope he can continue to give his best at United, so we can win titles together,” said Fred to O Clube.

Fred Reveals that Paul Pogba is actually a respected figure in the dressing room, he often motivates his colleagues to perform well on the pitch.

“Paul is one of the leaders in this team. He always affirms us with his words in the dressing room. On the pitch he has extraordinary quality. He played very well,” he said.

In private, Fred also admitted that he was quite happy with Pogba’s presence in the dressing room, because the French player was a very pleasant person as a person.

“He goes into the dressing room, puts on his music and we all have fun with him. It’s nice to have a player like him in this team,” he said.

So far there is no certainty about Pogba’s future at Manchester United, which is clear that the player’s contract will end in 2023.

This means that if Manchester United do not reach a new contract agreement with the player, there is a strong possibility that Pogba could leave this summer.

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