Fred believes Manchester United capable to win the Premier League

One of the Manchester United midfielders, Fred still believes in his team’s chances of winning the Premier League this season. For the Brazilian player, it is still very possible that the Red Devils will be at the top in the final standings of the season.

This belief is actually the opposite of what Ole Gunnar Solskjaer’s squad displayed earlier this season. How come? Of the 12 Premier League matches, they are only able to be ranked 8th.

Of course this is the result of the inconsistency in performance shown by David De Gea et al since the first week.

But it should be noted, that in fact, Manchester United are not too far from the top of the standings. They are only eight points adrift of Liverpool who lead temporarily.

Apart from that, the Red Devils also have two ‘stash’ matches yet to be played. It is for this reason that Fred is convinced that Manchester United are actually very close to the top of the standings.

“We are very close to the top of the standings at the moment,” Fred told MU’s official website.

Furthermore, the Brazilian midfielder stressed the importance of the series of matches this December. If only the Red Devils managed to win all the victories during the boxing day, the title would be even closer.

“In December we will have some big matches.”

“If we can win all those games, we will be very close to the top of the table, or even we can take over first place.” He said.

Obviously, the hope is for the players to really work hard towards achieving these targets. However, Fred has absolutely no doubts about his team’s ability to win in every match from December to January.

“We will try to win every game and I believe our team will do everything possible to reach the top of the table and stay there,” he said.

As for the continued premier League tomorrow, Manchester Untied will face their old rivals, Leeds United who have just been promoted this season.

The classic duel itself is planned to take place at Old Trafford Stadium.

Penulis: | 18 Desember 2020 | blog