Frank Lampard: there are similarities between Pulisic and Hazard

After almost one season playing for his team, Frank Lampard finally saw a similarity between Christian Pulisic and the club’s former mainstay star, Eden Hazard.

Christian Pulisic was bought by Chelsea from Borussia Dortmund in the winter of January 2019, but he has only been officially introduced since last summer. Public expectations of him were very high, because the player was called the successor to Eden Hazard.

Hazard has been a mainstay of Chelsea for the past few years, but he chose to leave for Real Madrid last summer. As for Pulisic himself, this is his first experience playing in the Premier League.

It has never been easier for a Premier league debutant to immediately appear charming. Pulisic is one of them, he looks difficult to adapt even had time to subscribe to the Chelsea bench this season.

But since ‘restarting’ the competition in mid-June, Pulisic’s performance seems to have improved even better. The United States national team player has pocketed a total of four goals and two assists in the Prmeier League so far.

Most recently, he recorded one goal and one assist in the match against Liverpool earlier this morning (07/23).

Lampard himself saw that Eden Hazard and Pulisic were both having difficulty adapting in their inaugural season in the Premier League.

“I was here in the first year of Eden and it was not easy to get into the Premier League, even for Eden in its first year, and adapt. Christian got through that moment, “said the quote from Goal International.

Pulisic himself actually just recovered from injury, he dropped as a substitute in the game earlier. Although only played 40 minutes, the player has made Frank Lampard unnerved.

“Today he came in and played for 40 minutes, which is good because he can be confident after injury and also show the quality that has been demonstrated so far,”

“He is young, has natural talents. He scored, made goals, and he is a great player for us. It’s nice to see him through those times. “It’s clear that he will be a big player for us in the next matches as well as in the future,” he concluded.

Penulis: | 23 Juli 2020 | blog