Frank Lampard not worried about the issue of dismissal

Lately, the pressure that Frank Lampard feels as Chelsea manager has gotten heavier. This is inseparable from a series of bad results that the Blues have received recently. As a result, the issue of dismissal has evaporated again.

Chelsea have had a series of disappointing results lately, most recently they were beaten by Manchester City. In the match that was held at Stamford Bridge, the Blues lost by a landslide score of 1-3.

Speaking of performance, nothing really stood out from Frank Lampard’s team, especially when serving Manchester City yesterday, where they looked confused throughout the match.

As for the total from the last seven matches in the Premier League, Chelsea only won one win and as a result they have now fallen to 8th place in the standings.

Naturally, when things don’t go as expected, the manager is the one who is considered the most responsible. Later, Lampard began to be linked with speculation of dismissal.

The public itself understand very well how Chelsea’s habits in the era of Roman Abrahamovic, where the dismissal of the coach is a solution when something goes wrong with the team’s performance.

However, Coach Frank Lampard did not feel worried about the issue of the dismissal. In fact, this club legend has predicted that such a difficult period will definitely happen.

“I will not speak on behalf of the people above me or the board of directors. Nor can I answer questions about my contract, our poor run and these unacceptable results. I am only talking as club manager.”

“I’m not worried about that. I only talked to the team after the game that I had expected a difficult period, I knew it would not be easy,” said Lampard on the official website of Chelseafc.

Furthermore, Lampard said that in fact the situation this season is more or less the same as last season, it’s just that he is more under the spotlight because the club has poured out a lot of money to buy new players.

“A month ago, people were talking about when I would get a new contract. The pressure is always there. My job is to continue to work hard and raise the players.”

“I also went through a difficult period last year. Maybe at that time there were some circumstances that made it easier for me so people didn’t look at it the same.” He said.

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