Frank Lampard being called ‘unable’ to maximize new recruits

Chelsea is listed as the Premier League team’s most active in the transfer market this summer. However, the arrival of new players is considered not maximized by coach Frank Lampard.

A total of 7 players have been brought in by Chelsea this summer, including two young German players, Kai Havertz and Timo Werner.

However, in reality Chelsea have had a series of disappointing results at the start of this season. As a result, coach Frank Lampard was the target of criticism, he was considered too often changing the line-up of Chelsea players.

Some consider that Lampard does not have clear tactics at Chelsea, even though his best formation has not yet been met. Indeed, a number of players are still sidelined due to injuries, but Lampard should be able to find a solution by relying on other top players.

No wonder Stewart Robson as the Premier League analysis considers that Lampard really cannot maximize the club’s new recruits.

According to him, this case is proof that the recruitment of players is not the benchmark for a team’s success.

“Everyone’s talking about buying lots of players and strengthening the depth of the squad, bringing in a lot of players at once and doing it fast,”

“However, if you fail to bring them together, you will be in big trouble.” said Robson quoted from Sportskeeda.

Coach Frank Lampard himself had argued that his team’s performance was not yet coherent due to the lack of time to train in pre-season.

However, Robson does not agree with this opinion because the proof is that Tottenham Hotspur can still look good.

“I think in the first few games Chelsea looked like they had some problems. We saw that in the game against West Brom when they couldn’t survive.”

“We also saw some early Spurs games, but it looks like now the Spurs have moved together, they have an understanding of the style of play.” continued Robson.

According to Robson, Lampard’s main problem at Chelsea is not being able to maximize his players or not knowing what kind of player he really needs.

“This is one of my criticisms for Chelsea. I wasn’t sure when Frank Lampard bought these players, he already knew where they would play and what the best team would be like,” continued Robson.

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