Franco Morbidelli will be a “threat” next season

One of the former Suzuki riders, Kevin Schwantz, admitted that he was quite impressed with the performance shown by Franco Morbidelli in the 2020 season campaign yesterday. In fact, he believes the Italian rider will be a real threat in the competition for the 2021 season champions.

The former GP500 World Champion admitted that he often paid attention to Morbidel’s performances
Li throughout the 2020 season yesterday, he even often gave positive advice.

What is unfortunate for Schwantz is the fact that the Petronas Yamaha SRT Team racer had a difficult time at the start of the season. But he is also happy because his performance has slowly improved since the San Marino series.

Indeed, Morbidelli continued to run, but in the end he was only able to finish in 2nd place in the final standings, aka runner-up. However, Schwantz is still proud of what the VR46 academy graduate rider showed.

“Franky and I are good friends. We often exchange news via short messages.”

“He didn’t start the season in the way I expected, but in the last few races I told him, ‘The race for the world title is still very open to everyone, so work hard and win the title!'” El Pajarito’s story.

According to Schwantz, Morbidelli was only “hot” late and was only able to finish as runner-up last season. But in the upcoming 2021 season campaign, the Italian rider is believed to be able to perform well since the first race.

“I think Franky is a person who I think can maintain this good momentum next season. He’s done the last 6-7 races very well.”

“He should be able to become world champion this year, unfortunately he was hot too late in the first 6-7 races. Next year, he has to perform well throughout the season, “he said.

What makes Schwantz feel impressed with the 26-year-old racer is the fact that he wants to keep using the factory 2019 YZR-M1 for next season.

“When he fights Jack, racing is amazing! It’s actually funny when Franky says he wants a motorbike that is exactly the same as this year for next year and doesn’t want to use a new motorbike, “he concluded.

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