Franco Morbidelli, Valentino Rossi’s Best Teammate

Yamaha Veteran Rider, Valentino Rossi seems to be genuinely enthusiastic about defending the Petronas SRT team this season, he even said that Franco Morbidelli who is the tandem there is the best team-mate he has ever met.

Rossi himself is confirmed to be part of the Petronas Yamaha SRT Team for the 2021 season, replacing Fabio Quartararo who was recruited by the factory team.

Meanwhile, the Pre-Season Trials at the Losail Qatar Circuit a week ago was the first moment where The Doctor and Franco Morbidelli, who were riders who were his upbringing, shared a garage on the Petronas Yamaha SRT Team.

In an interview after the trial took place, Morbidelli admitted to laughing when he learned that Rossi had a unique habit of talking to the crew.

Morbidelli said Rossi was often unaware that he was being too loud, because he was wearing earplugs when explaining the condition of his motorbike to the crew.

When he heard this, The Doctor explained that he rarely removed the Earplug from his ear during the Trial pause. Rossi himself sometimes laughs at himself because of these bad habits.

“The problem is, I always use earplugs in the garage. Usually I don’t take them off in trials. Unfortunately, I scream because I can’t hear my own voice well.”

“Sometimes I take off my earplug and then realize that I was screaming. I have to be careful, “said the Italian rider with a laugh.

As for the garage, Rossi, who is used to being in the left garage, now has to be willing to move to the right garage, considering that Morbidelli, who has become his senior in the Satellite team, is used to using the left garage.

“I moved to the right, although usually on the left. Wilco said, ‘I have something important to talk about. I think Franco should stay on the left, so you have to take the right.’ I said, ‘Yes, that’s fine.’ . It doesn’t matter right or left, it doesn’t matter much. ”

“After all, Franco has been in this team for two years. If he’s happy to be on the left side of the garage, I’m happy to be on the right. It’s not a problem, “he said.

Apart from that, he thinks Franco Morbidelli is the best team-mate he has ever met, as his relationship with the rider has been like a real brother for a long time.

“Franco is the best tandem I can imagine, because we know each other well, we are friends, we train together, and often compete at home on various types of motorbikes; on Ranch (flat track), on motocross, or on the R1,” he said.

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