Former President believes Inter can sign Messi

Massimo Moratti looks very optimistic about Inter Milan’s chances of signing Lionel Messi. He said, Steven Zhang as the club’s brand-new boss is currently thinking of ways to realize these ambitions.

Messi is actually not the first time associated with Inter Milan. A few years ago, precisely at the beginning of his career period with Barca, Messi was once associated with the Nerazzurri. However, in the end the player decided to stay at Camp Nou.

In 2018, similar rumors echoed again. However, the speculation is believed to be the impact of the transfer saga carried out by Juventus to recruit Cristiano Ronaldo from Real Madrid in the same year.

Interestingly Inter Milan still carry the dream of recruiting Messi. Former Club President Massimo Moratti is still interested in discussing the discourse of Messi’s move to San Siro. Even now, he believes the 32-year-old figure is very likely close to Inter Milan.

What the former President said seemed to reinforce his statement some time ago. At that time, Moratti asserted that the discourse of the transfer of Messi to the San Siro was not just a wild imagination.

“Knowing Steven Zhang’s courage, he must have thought about that,”

“However, Messi’s contract will expire in 2021. It will feel wonderful, going to provide additional vitality for Serie A as a whole and additional hopes for Inter,” Moratti said about Inter’s connection with Messi to TeleLombardia.

Although difficult, but it seems to be exciting if it is true Messi joined Inter Milan. That way, the rivalry between him and Cristiano Ronaldo continues. As is known, Messi and Ronaldo involved individual rivalry over the past decade in Spain.

When these two players face each other on the field, at that moment all the eyes of football lovers are focused on one match. Because their meeting is also a seasoning season for a duel full of prestige between Spanish giants, Barcelona and Real Madrid wrapped in El Clasico.

Messi himself can be said at this time is superior to Ronaldo, when talking about the achievement of Ballon d’Or. Barcelona players have collected 6 Ballon d’Or while Cristiano Ronaldo just won 5.

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