Former Juventus Coach hints his interest to train MU

The success of Juventus won five consecutive Scudetto in the last five seasons is inseparable from the role and cold hand of a Massimilliano Allegri. However, he resigned from his post since last summer, and is now rumored to be eager to assume the position of head coach of Manchester United.

Initially, the former AC Milan coach was doubtful when he was first appointed to coach Juventus in 2014. But who would have thought, under his direction Bianconneri actually appeared far more brilliant than the Conte Era. Allegri managed to deliver the club to five consecutive scudettos, as well as a number of other domestic titles and twice stepped into the European Champions League final.

Unfortunately, Allegri refused to offer a new contract from Juventus management. After parting ways with Juventus in June 2019, Massimiliano Allegri hasn’t coached a new club to date. According to the news that was heard, the manager actually got an offer from Arsenal, but the opportunity was declined.

Quoted from Metro, after rejecting Arsenal’s proposal, Allegri is ready to coach an English club. The former AC Milan coach is eyeing the position now played by Ole Gunnar Solskjaer. Yes, Massimiliano Allegri is aiming for a position as manager of Manchester United. It is even believed, Allegri had begun to speak fluent English after attending language lessons during unemployment.

Meanwhile, Manchester United itself is currently still being handled by Ole Gunnar Solskjaer, it’s just that under the direction of the Norwegian manager, the performance of the Red Devils is still inconsistent. Therefore, there is no guarantee that Solskjaer will last a long time in United’s chair. Meanwhile, Massimiliano Allegri will continue to wait until next summer to get an offer to train again.

It is believed, not only Allegri is a consideration of Manchester United, but there is also the name of the Argentine manager, Mauricio Pochettino. He has just ended cooperation with Tottenham Hotspur with results that could not be considered a failure. In fact, under his direction, Spurs are always able to compete in the last four of the English League final standings, even last season advanced to the Champions League.

It’s just that, some minor results at the beginning of this season forced Tottenham’s management to expel the former Espanyol tactician.

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