Forgotten to pay bill, sexy wife of Hummels being accused!

Mats Hummels had become a bad star outside the green field, this was inseparable from the experience felt by his beautiful wife, Cathy Hummels in a Dortmund restaurant. This black experience make an accusation on his wife Hummels, who was blamed for not paying the bill.

The case continued to the court with the trial of Cathy Hummels accused of not paying a bill of around 1,006.40 Euros. This bad moment is always remembered and happened when Cathy Hummels celebrated her 30th birthday at Meisterhauschen in 2015.

The festive event had to endure shame, because the restaurant owner accused Cathy Hummels of leaving without paying. This problem ended at the court table, with Cathy Hummels paying in cash.

Interestingly here, when one of the court verdicts is that both parties try to lie. One of these two parties has openly lied to the court and tried to cheat.

Everything seems blurry, because Cathy Hummels doesn’t have enough evidence. Here she was found guilty because after paying cash did not get proof of payment in the form of receipt. The story ends with a court pleading to Cathy Hummels to repay the bill.

The verdict was not immediately accepted by Cathy Hummels, her party was ready to appeal and would hold a trial elsewhere to get the real justice.
“I can only say that I am an advocate of justice and I do not like [being accused] of such things. I always pay my bills!” said Cathy Hummels.

Along the way of life, Cathy Hummels is known as a woman who always maintaining her diet. Evidently, she really likes yoga and vegan food. But, if we talk about this couple’s love journey, they considered dating for a long period until finally decided to get married.

This romantic couple first met in the city of Munich. Dating for quite a long time, finally Cathy Hummels and Hummles were officially married in 2015 with the addition of one boy named Ludwig. Now Hummles’ own career is back new after deciding to run away from Bayern Munich and return home to Borussia Dortmund

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