Force to defecate, this man suffered heart failure

Difficulty defecating is indeed a disturbing thing. This situation sometimes makes us spend hours and hours in the bathroom so that their feces can come out of the anal canal. In fact, the fact that the method is wrong, can even be fatal to the body.

As recently experienced by a man in Zhejiang, China. The unnamed man suffered heart failure while struggling to overcome defecation. It is believed that this man pushed too hard in the toilet at his home, then suffered heart failure and collapsed.

Actually, the story of the man originated from constipation. In early January, the 72-year-old man was reportedly unable to defecate for up to 3 days. One night, he then decided to go to the toilet, with the aim of forcing the stool out of his anus. But, what happened was unexpected.

Suddenly, this man collapsed and was unconscious. Quoted from World of Buzz, this man was rushed to the hospital before finally declared dead. As the doctor explained, it turned out that the man was straining too strongly when defecating, which eventually triggered heart failure.

As information that needs to be known, when straining internal pressure in the body can affect nerves as well as pulse and blood pressure. Straining can make the heart beat faster, and is very dangerous for those who have a history of heart disease.

“Indeed, people who have heart disease should not push, because it increases the risk of high pressure in the heart cavity,” explained the doctor.

Indeed, it’s a great relief when the stool comes out of the anus during bowel movements, but keep in mind, pushing too hard is not recommended, maybe the man above is also too old, so that in the end it can be fatal to his own heart.

However, caution must also be paid to the problem of constipation, so you should immediately go to the doctor and ask for the right medicine. Or, you can by consuming foods high in fiber to launch bowel movements such as papaya or drinking warm water.

Penulis: | 17 Januari 2020 | blog