For the sake of luxury house, Prilly choose to delay holiday

Prilly Latuconsina is classified as a successful young artist, due to the fact that at a young age she already has a very luxurious residence. However, a 23-year-old woman claimed to sacrifice a lot in order to have the luxury home of her dreams.

In recent years, the figure of Prilly is often seen on the screen, whether as the main star in a feature film, present as a guest star and so on. At only 23 years old, Prilly has a fairly high income.

So, it is natural if then the artist managed to have a luxury home. However, in an interview on Boy William’s Youtube Channel, Prilly admitted that the luxury house that she currently occupies is obtained with a difficult struggle.

Narrated by this former lover of Aliando, she had always craved a luxurious residence. Now, to achieve these goals, Prilly not only saves money but also withholds her desire to buy luxury items or go on holiday abroad.

“I really put a damper on my ego and my desire for a vacation, buy branded goods. I mean, if I follow my wishes, it won’t be home, “Prilly said as seen on the Boy William YouTube channel.

Meanwhile, if a lot of photos scattered about her abroad, it is simply because of work, not for holidays.

“I left the country because I was paid, there was work, endorsement. Like when I went to LA, I was invaded by Disney but only a few days and really for work, “she said.

Furthermore, Prilly admitted that she had always wanted to see her parents living in a luxurious house. His wish is now achieved and is considered a form of devotion to his father and mother.

“Papa Mama already has a room there too, I just want to have my own home,” said Prilly when met directly some time ago.

Many are curious about how much money is spent Prilly to have a luxury residence that she occupies now. In fact, when Boy William mentioned the price of IDR 20 billion which indicates the estimated price of the house, Prilly just laughed.

Penulis: | 9 Juni 2020 | blog