For the sake of joining Ducati, this is what Jack Miller did

Joining the ducati team seemed to be one of the dreams that had been buried by a Jack Miller for a long time. In fact, to achieve this dream, the concerned must sacrifice several things.

Indeed, news of Ducati’s interest in Jack Miller has been heard since early 2019 ago. However, the real agreement was only realized since last May.

Yes, Jack Miller officially became a Ducati rider for the upcoming 2021 season. The contract makes the Australian rider feel calm and can focus fully on the title this season.

“Time will talk, but right now it feels helpful, considering everything has been signed. Usually, I look good until the contract negotiations come, shake a little, then return to doing well. So hopefully this year’s good things will happen, “he said.

Although in the end he only played for the Pramac Racing Team, but it was confirmed by the 25-year-old racer that from the start he always wanted to join the Ducati team.

In fact, he is willing to accept several things, including salary cuts so he can join the Italian manufacturer.

“My main target since joining Pramac has been to defend the Ducati manufacturer’s team. I took a number of risks to get the opportunity: a year contract, a very low salary, just because I was young and able to accept it to enter the manufacturer’s team. But this is the clearest way for me, “he said.

It’s just that the problem is Jack Miller gets a one-year contract at Ducati. Usually, a racer gets a two-year contract to be calmer through the season.

However, Jack Miller has no problem at all because he has heard the reason directly from Ducati.

In fact, the rider is determined to pay the trust of the Italian manufacturer on the mat next season.

“They put their trust in me. I also never refused anything they gave. That’s good behavior, because Ducati is a manufacturer who likes to develop motors and throw strange devices at you.”

Penulis: | 17 Juni 2020 | blog