For the sake of her role, this Hollywood sexy actress is willing to learn from 2 MMA masters

As an actress, of course, you must have high quality and must be different from the others. Especially when known as a Hollywood actress who is required to always look perfect in getting any role.

On this basis, that’s why the Hollywood actress named Halle Berry must go deep into her character in Bruised movie. Interestingly here is when she got to get knowledge from two mixed martial arts (MMA) legends.

This latest, Halle Berry is doing training with Brian Ortega. Ortega is currently the main challenger to the UFC featherweight class. He bagged a record of 14 wins from 16 battles and when referring to the status of the coach, Halle Berry was not mistaken.

“There is nothing different, I will train it very hard. Hopefully she loves this sport and continues to persevere,” said Ortega.

Ortega was recorded as the second in training Halle Berry in his preparation to record Bruised. It was known before Ortega was the name Cris Cyborg, which claimed to have been asked by Halle Berry to train him. There is nothing different from Ortega, Cyborg is known as one of the professional fighters and also reliable in the UFC. The best note is that he was a featherweight champion and defended the championship belt on two occasions.

In her role, Berry will play the role of an MMA athlete named Jackie Justice in Bruised. This movie is telling about the life of the world fighting to be the ideal mother for the son, Manny, who reappeared in his life.

It is interesting to wait for the results of the entire preparation, will it bring back the award? Because Berry is an actress with an award subscription, let’s say she has achieved Oscars, Emmy, Golden Globe, and Screen Actors Guild.

Berry herself appeared differently in the Bruised movie, where she not only worked as an actress, but Berry also act as a producer and director of the film.

Penulis: | 2 April 2019 | blog, wags