Foods that lead to more coughing

Cough is indeed a disease that interferes with activities, but not a few of those who actually ignore this disease, even though if left unchecked can potentially become more severe.

In fact, instead of trying to cure a cough that is experienced, many people are actually desperate to consume food and drinks as they wish. In fact, some types of food and drinks can actually make a cough worse.

Indeed it should be, we are required to avoid certain types of food and drinks when coughing. For example foods with extreme temperatures (too hot / too cold), then fried foods, rambutan, caffeine, processed milk and sugar.

These foods and drinks, if consumed too much for cough sufferers, will actually get worse. Not without reason, the article food and drink can trigger stimulation to form.

In addition, foods that are sweet and contain lots of sugar can reduce the reactivity of blood cells which makes our immune system can be reduced. While caffeine can cause increased body fluid expenditure.

While food or drinks that are too hot and too cold can trigger irritation in our throat. If irritation has occurred, the cough will automatically become worse.

So, is there a cure? Of course there is. Relieve coughing by consuming warm drinks including ginger tea. The drink can improve blood circulation.

And do not forget to also consume fruits such as oranges, or vegetables that contain high antioxidants to increase the immune system.

“Warm foods and drinks such as ginger soups and teas can smooth the flow of blood, honey, fruits and vegetables that are rich in vitamins and antioxidants can help fight germs and increase endurance, and drinking enough fluids can be derived from fruit juices, tea or warm water, “explained Dr. Helmin Agustina Silalahi.

However, keep in mind also if the cough that feels not go away, even though it has consumed the recommended food, it is better to go directly to the nearest hospital or doctor.

We will get the right treatment, and given the right medicine so that the cough quickly subsides or even disappears completely.

Penulis: | 19 Maret 2020 | blog