First sentence of the recovered stroke patient makes it viral!

A unique incident just happened, where one of the loyal supporters of the Hibernian FC football team in Scotland who was known to have a stroke was able to surprise the world public, because his first sentence came out after being declared cured of the deadly disease.

The sentence meant here is an insult to the Hibernian rival, Heart of Midlothian FC. Investigated, the support was named Darren Thomson at the age of 22.
Before getting a stroke, Darren had a very great headache. 15 minutes walking, he realized that he could not move some of his limbs. Without lingering, Darren was immediately rushed to the nearest hospital.

The scan showed that he had a stroke, due to blood clots in the part of his brain. In his recovery period, Darren had to undergo two operations in an effort to remove the fluid in his brain.

During this period, Darren could not speak for three months. Because there is a hose that must be installed through his mouth, and must accept damage in his brain.

One when all became excited when in the process of healing, Darren heard the nurses who were on guard were gathered together talking. In the process, Darren heard that all nurses talked about Heart of Midlothian FC aka Hearts.

Not understanding why that happened, Darren immediately issued a harsh word intended to taunt the nurses’ favorite team.”Hearts are s*** club!”

The words came out, so the word became the first word after Darren missed talking for three months. For the incident, the nurses were surprised and fortunately they were not angry with Darren. Five months running, Darren’s condition also improved. Slowly he could speak clearly. But it must not be forced and must accept that Darren still has to be accompanied by a wheelchair.

“Scared and very frightening cannot say words. It’s very difficult to say what feels like it can’t be said. Confused, I didn’t even know what was happening or anything. But there is a Hearts doctor who visits me, someone says ‘What is Hearts’ and I immediately say ‘Hearts are s***’, “Darren said.

“These words just came out without me guessing, I was very happy that I spoke, everyone laughed. It’s great to be able to hear my own voice again, “he concluded.

Penulis: | 22 Maret 2019 | blog