Finally won first victory, this is Joan Mir’s expression…

Suzuki Ecstar rider Joan Mir can finally breathe a sigh of relief after winning this first MotoGP 2020. In fact, the fact that the victory at the European GP last weekend was the first since his victory at the Sepang circuit, Malaysia three years ago.

Actually, the rider from Spain is the most consistent rider in this 2020 season. Before the European Grand Prix last weekend, Mir even led the standings by collecting 6 podiums.

However, in none of the six podiums where he stood on the first podium. In other words, the leader of the standings has never won before.

No wonder the person concerned felt very happy when, through the European GP at the Ricardo Tomo Circuit, Valencia was the main winner. However, Mir was reluctant to puff up with this fact.

“After winning, I feel like I’m still the same person. However, I’m happier now. This is what I’ve been waiting for, winning. I think this victory came at a perfect moment. I’m very happy because the team is working fantastic.”

“I’m also very comfortable with our bike,” he said via

However, this 23-year-old Rider did not deny the fact that he did not believe that he had finally ended the main podium famine in the MotoGP event.

“Today we have a chance to win and we use it well. We did what we had to do. To be honest, I was speechless, because it was very difficult to win the first time, “said Mir.

With only two series remaining in the MotoGP event this season, of course Joan Mir will fight as hard as he can to maintain the top position to become world champion.

“A rider will not have fun riding as long as he hasn’t won a world title. Obviously we have a good points advantage with two series remaining, so a world title is close. But we have to keep working hard next week,” said Mir.

Currently, Joan Mir leads the standings with 162 points or 37 points ahead of his closest competitor, Fabio Quartararo. Meanwhile, the remaining two series will take place in Valencia and Portugal.

Penulis: | 9 November 2020 | blog