Finally revealed his identity as a transgender, Oscar Lawalata ready to be expelled from house

Oscar Lawalata finally spoke up about her identity as a transgender. In fact, the family also knew about this, and now this Sis from Mario Lawalata admits that she is ready to bear all the risks she may receive, including being expelled from the house.

In fact, the issue of transgender or LGBT has actually evaporated in the last few years in Indonesia. Oscar Lawalata is not the first person to publicly admit that he is a transgender.

Previously there was Mother Dorce Gamalama, and even Lucinta Luna was reportedly also a transgender.

Society is divided into two parts in responding to this phenomenon, some are pro and some are contra.

Related to this, Oscar Lawalata admitted that he was aware that not everyone would be able to accept the self-acknowledgment he conveyed. He also realized that his own family would not easily accept this.

“Because if we want to please everyone, it’s impossible. But we know that we want to do good. The point is for me and it is my strength, ”opened Oscar Lawalata.

Because of this, Oscar then mentally prepared herself if she was eventually expelled from the house because of the confession. But she won’t blame her family, because they don’t understand.

“When I wanted to tell my family my premise was that if I got kicked out, I was ready. If they don’t accept I’m ready. But I won’t hate them because they don’t understand, ”explained the figure who works as a designer.

The 42-year-old ‘woman’ hopes that someday people, including her family, will understand and accept the presence of transgender people in their midst.

“I just hope that one day they will understand, and that we will be more peaceful living life,” he said again.

Oscar’s mother, Reggy Lawalata, admitted that she had observed her child’s development since she was a child, where it turned out that Oscar was a bit feminine. In fact, she often forces Oscar to join in playing basketball with her younger brother, so that that feminine side is lost.

“In the past, if Mario went to play basketball, I often asked Oscar to join him too,” said Reggy Lawalata.

Penulis: | 17 Agustus 2020 | blog