FIFA officially banned Chelsea from signing new players for 2 seasons

The Chelsea side looked nervous when they heard FIFA‘s decision about the ban of signing new player for the next 2 transfer markets. The world’s highest football federation has officially lowered sanctions against the Blues and was found guilty of violating FIFA rules regarding the recruitment of underage players.

If you have an investigation, Chelsea has committed 29 violations contained in article 19. The article itself contains the transfer of players under the age of 18 years. Chelsea really didn’t expect, here they were not only sanctioned by signing new players ban, but Roman Abramovich’s club was also given a fine of 460 thousand Pounds.

Chelsea are not alone, where they are protected by the FA as the English football federation. Here, FIFA also fined them around 390 thousand pounds for not being able to oversee the circulation of transfers of English club players. The current Chelsea can only sell players, but cannot bring in new players.

“This ban applies to the club as a whole – with the exception of the women’s team, futsal and does not prevent the release of players,” FIFA wrote in its official account.

FIFA here does not directly provide certainty that the sentence is official, they provide an opportunity to appeal as an effort to alleviate or delete the existing evidence. Not only stop there, FIFA also gave 90 days of time as an effort for Chelsea to fix the players who had been recruited.

This case was revealed based on the investigation phase for 3 years. The Blues themselves were investigated regarding the recruitment of more than 12 young players. And one that is proven legal is Bertrand Traore. This young player came from Burkina Faso in the 2013 season, and has been educated at the Chelsea academy.

When referring to the sanctions, Chelsea is not the first to receive it. It was known in the 2009 season, they were also sentenced to a Dutch player ban for two seasons when proven to violate the shopping of a young player named Gael Kakuta, and the evidence of this case was based on reports from the player himself who claimed to have undergone education for two seasons.

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