Fans of Chelsea must show patient and believe in Lampard

Former Chelsea player and coach, Giafranco Zola hopes that Chelsea fans can be a little more patient looking forward to the development of their beloved team under Frank Lampard’s direction. According to him, Lampard is the most appropriate figure at this time.

Actually, Lampard has been Chelsea manager since last season, the difference is that last season he was adored and praised. How come? Without qualified experience in the managerial world, Lampard could bring Chelsea to finish 4th in the final standings.

In fact, at that time the club was in crisis because it could not bring in new players regarding the FFP sanctions from UEFA.

But the situation is the opposite this season, Lampard is often hit by issues of dismissal due to a series of bad results suffered by the Blues. His expectations are bigger than last season, because he has recruited several new players with high official prices.

In short, the former England midfielder could not relax in the coaching chair, especially after Chelsea were beaten by Manchester City last weekend with a score of 1-3.

Actually, the problems Chelsea are experiencing are very natural, because the team is transitioning and some new players are still adapting. But still, the fans can’t wait to see their beloved team suffer.

Zola himself understands this, but he feels there is no need for excessive anxiety. He believes Lampard has everything to get through these difficult times, only needs time and full support.

“Yes, obviously the situation is not ideal, otherwise this chat shouldn’t be necessary. There are some issues that need to be resolved, obviously there needs to be progress, but I believe Frank has the potential, the ability and he has a good squad to fix the situation.”

“That is clear and there is no need to doubt it for me,” Zola told talkSPORT.

As for Zola himself, he has felt the atmosphere of being in the Chelsea seat, so he understands very well that Lampard currently needs calm to solve all the problems that exist.

“The expectations are very high and the demands of the club are to get good results and win trophies.”

“I understand the situation Frank is facing now, sometimes it’s a matter of belief and believing that the coach can work well,” he concluded.

Penulis: | 5 Januari 2021 | blog