Family denies issues Omesh died from coronavirus

The news of the death of the famous Indonesia comedian, Omesh did leave sorrow for the people of Indonesia. In the midst of this sad news, a claim arose which stated that Omesh had died due to an outbreak of the coronavirus.

However, the claim was strongly denied by Dio Ambiah, the biological son of the late Omesh. He said that before this, the deceased had a chance to go to the hospital and undergo a coronavirus test, the results were negative.

“Not available. The problem has been that COVID-19 has also been examined (negative), “said Omesh’s son, Dio Ambiah when met at his residence Depok, West Java, Friday (7/17/2020).

Furthermore, Dio revealed that the death of mother was due to diabetes and stomach acid which had long suffered.

“This is all really sugar and stomach acid recurrence,” said Dio Ambiah.

Actually, during this time Omaswati rarely complained about the pain she felt. But since Thursday morning yesterday, several symptoms began to be felt by the deceased.

“So she is from the body after the heat, we take medicine for the heat. We think he’s choking like that or what, then we take medicine and it doesn’t matter,”

“Just after she just wiped Asr, we give her more water. Then the worst is evening, it’s already like choking, we give water that could not have been able to, “explained Dio Ambiah again.

But Omaswati’s illness has indeed existed for a long time, even she had typhus before the Fasting Month yesterday. It’s just that, the worst symptoms felt by the late Omesh lasted the last four days.

“If the pain has been a long time, from before fasting like that typhus. Then a few weeks after Eid had better get to the market with me. The worst thing is the last four days. I don’t want to eat, I don’t want to take medicine,” he explained.

Omesh, 54 years old, was one of Indonesia’s senior comedians who was popular in the 90s until the early 2000s. She is the sister of famous comedian, Mandra. She left three children, Muhammad Rizky Dioambiah, Dinda Olivia, and Dimas Aji Septian.

Penulis: | 17 Juli 2020 | blog