Failed to reach finish line, Rossi gives up on pursuing the 2020 world title

Valentino Rossi is one of the riders who had bad luck at the Catalunya GP last weekend. The Doctor failed to reach the finish line, and finally he no longer thought about the chance to become world champion in this 2020 season.

Actually, the Monster Energy Yamaha team racer started the race quite well. He started in third place and moved up to second before being overtaken by Fabio Quartararo on lap 6.

Rossi seemed to remain calm even though he had been smoked by his Junior, but when he entered the 16th lap, The Doctor fell because of a sudden slipped rear tire.

This incident made Rossi fail to reach the finish line and of course he was very disappointed. Because before this, Rossi also failed to finish in the Jerez series and the Emilia Romagna series due to different problems.

Rossi deeply regrets this fact while admitting that his chances of becoming the tenth World Champion this season have failed.

“Unfortunately, I have failed to finish three times, and I fell twice due to my own mistakes. In the first race, our engine was also damaged, so this (chance to become world champion) is difficult.” Rossi said.

However, the Italian Rider will not give up and just let go for the rest of this season. He is determined to continue to compete and achieve the best results at the end of the season.

“But there are still a lot of races and we have to try to be fast. If I continue to drive like this, I can be fast everywhere, “said Rossi.

Rossi was not alone who failed to reach the finish line, his team mate Maverick Vinales was also unable to reach the finish after colliding with Johan Zarco.

Meanwhile, as a result of the failure in the Catalunya series, Rossi also had to accept falling to 11th position in the temporary standings. In that position, the Monster Energy Yamaha Team Riders are 50 points behind the top of the standings which is currently still led by Fabio Quartararo.

Yes, Fabio Quartararo managed to be the fastest at Barcelona yesterday and again won the top of the standings.

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