Facts about warming up a motorcycle engine

Caring for the motor at home can indeed be done in various ways. Besides of regularly changing oil and washing it, people usually heat up their motorbike, when it’s been unused for a long time.’

Normally, people will heat up the engine in the morning, after not being used for the night, or all day. So, does the ritual of heating the engine of the motor really need to be done? Can it really make our motor last longer?

Now, to answer that question, here are some interesting facts about heating a motorcycle engine.

No Need for Injection-Engine Motor

The development of technology makes the motor that is in circulation now already has the latest engine. For example, Fuel Injection or F1 or can be known as the Injection Machine. If your motorcycle at home already uses an injection motor, then the ritual of heating the motor is not necessary.

But if you are already accustomed, the ritual may be done, but you should not pull the gas many times. Just leave the motor in the idle position.

Right timing

It turns out that heating the motor is not done carelessly or carelessly. As one of them is related to the duration of the activity, because it is not recommended to warm up your favorite motorbike too long. A good time to do this is 3 to 5 minutes.

Using Kick Starter or Leg Starter

Usually, we heat the motor using a kick starter or leg starter. It turns out that this method is indeed correct. Because the motor that has not been used for hours will make the battery as an energy source in cold conditions.

If you use a hand starter or electric starter, the electrical components on the motor will be burdened, so the battery is easily worn out. Especially if the motor has not been used for weeks.

Purpose of Warming the Motorbike

Heated the motor for most people the goal is that the machine is more durable and the battery is not easy soak. It is true that is one of the benefits. But more complete, the ritual of heating the motor is aimed at making Motor Performance to be maximal.

The oil circulation in the engine will run smoothly, and the components will not be surprised because it is suddenly used. This is the same as athletes who warm up first before the move, with the aim of avoiding injury and displaying the best performance.

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