Fabio Quartararo must learn more from Valentino Rossi

As a Young Rider, Fabio Quartararo is considered to have a lot to learn from his seniors, especially Valentino Rossi. This was revealed by Alex Briggs as a mechanic from Yamaha’s Monster Energy Team, who knew exactly how The Doctor was.

Alex Briggs himself is one of the figures who has been working with Valentino Rossi for 21 years. That is, he knows exactly how the figure of 42-year-old rider. Interestingly, even though two decades have passed, Briggs still admires Valentino Rossi.

In his glasses, Rossi is a pleasant figure, both when wearing a racing uniform, and in everyday life. The man from Australia assesses Rossi always looks happy, often joking and what it is.

“Vale can go faster when he is happy. He likes to joke on the grid. Joking about anything, it can be about women, grid position, or the first corner. What you see in interviews and races is very similar to his life in general. He was very funny, “he said.

For information, Alex Briggs himself often works with several top riders. However, Rossi is considered the best rider he has ever worked with. In fact, during the last 21 years, Rossi has never been seen panicked in facing all the problems.

“Vale can always control everything. I have never seen him panic, “he said.

For this reason, Briggs suggested that young riders, including Fabio Quartararo should be able to emulate Valentino Rossi’s figure especially in his calm.

“Riders who are still in the learning phase like Fabio must stay focused to prove they can win. The best racing mentality is being able to anticipate what will happen, “he said.

In closing, Alex Briggs revealed the fact that in his 21 years working with Rossi, he had never seen the Italian rider hooked up with emotions, even after losing the world title.

“I’ve never once seen Vale kick a garage wall or throw a helmet. Even after losing the title, he was never angry. He always respects the hard work of everyone around him. What he did was stop and ask for an explanation, “he concluded.

Penulis: | 27 Maret 2020 | blog