Fabio Quartararo finally revealed the fact he had contracted Covid-19

Fabio Quartararo finally opened his voice about the fact that he had contracted Covid-19 recently, to be precise last December. The person concerned then gave an ironic confession.

Actually, not only Fabio Quartararo is infected with the Covid-19 Virus among the riders, but also Valentino Rossi, Riccardo Rossi and others. However, the man from France is not known to have contracted the current virus.

Only on February 10, Quartararo revealed that he had indeed been infected with this outbreak, which occurred in December 2020.

At that time, the race had indeed ended, but Quartararo insisted that his condition was now 100 percent fit.

“After being hit by Covid-19 in December, I lost some physical conditions, but it’s nice to be back to my best level again,” he wrote via his upload on Instagram at that time.

Continuing with his experience, Quartararo also revealed the reason he was exposed to the Covid-19 virus in a recent interview. The Monster Energy Yamaha Team Rider did not deny that he tended to underestimate the health protocol after the race was over.

“From Jerez to Portimao, I strictly adhered to health protocols. I was always at home with a small group of people. However, after Portimao, you could say I didn’t have the same reflex.”

“I didn’t wash my hands as often when the racing season was still going on, took off my mask too often, and finally I got infected,” he said.

Then, when he was tested positive for the Corona Virus, Quartararo felt anxious about his condition, but then he was really happy because now his body is 100 percent fit.

“When I got infected, my condition was pretty bad, and it took me at least a month to try hard to return to my 100% physical condition.”

“So, I was a little anxious at first, but in the end I’m happy because I returned to a very good level and now I feel very fit,” concluded Quartararo.

In the 2021 season, El Diablo will team up with his new partner, Maverick Vinales in the Monster Energy Yamaha team. The first race is planned to be held from early March at the Losail Circuit, Qatar.

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