Fabio Quartararo chooses to play safe in the 2 remaining series

Although mathematically there is still a chance to win the top of the standings from the hands of Joan Mir, the Petronas Yamaha SRT rider Fabio Quartararo chose to play it safe, maintaining his position in second place with only two races remaining.

For information, currently Quartararo is in second place in the standings with a collection of 125 points or 37 points behind Joan Mir who is at the top.

Currently, there are two series of races remaining in the 2020 season, namely the Valencia GP and the Portuguese GP. Mathematically, El Diablo could still really catch up with Joan Mir.

It’s not easy, especially Joan Mirr only needs to finish third in the Valencia GP series next week to seal the 2020 season title.

Moreover, on the one hand, Quartararo, who is in the 2nd place, collected the same number of points as the third, another Suzuki Rider, Alex Rins.

For this reason, Quartararo prefers to play it safe by maintaining 2nd place until the last series at the Portimao Circuit.

“The title race is not over yet, but you can say that now we are focused on other things, and trying to secure second place. I am very disappointed, but this is the situation and I can not do anything,” said Quartararo via Crash.net.

Ironically, the 21-year-old Rider felt that he had lost his chance to become Champion since the Aragon Series because he felt insecure about high-pressure tires.

“Of course I lost the world title today, but it has also started since the first race at Aragon. I’m not saying I can fight fiercely there, but we just want to start with lower front tire pressure.”

“But Yamaha protocol forbids it and the race has become the worst race of my life,” he said.

Actually, becoming world champion was not Quartararo’s target from the start, he also did not receive any demands for it. Even now, the person concerned is only trying to finish in the best ranking.

“I’m really focused on what I want, which is trying to end the season at the best.” concluded Quartararo.

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