Fabio Capello admits Ronaldo is the most talented player, but…

Ronaldo Luiz Nazario De Lima is the most talented player that Fabio Capello has ever met, but the Italian coach has one thing that is propped up and is fairly vital.

‘The Phenomenon’ is the nickname given to Ronaldo Luis Nazario De Lima.

The nickname was given because Ronaldo was considered as the world’s best player in the 90s until the early 2000s. Throughout his career, the Brazilian national team player scored 352 goals in 518 appearances.

Note the apiknnya also evident from the achievement of the championship trophy. Together with the Brazilian national team, Ronaldo won 5 trophies including the 1994 World Cup trophy and the 2002 edition. He also won three Ballon d’Or or the world’s best players.

With all the advantages he has, Capello admits that Ronaldo is the most talented player he has ever met.

“The biggest talent I have ever trained is Ronaldo.” Said Capello.

For information, Fabio Capello has indeed handled Real Madrid in the 2006-2007 season, and at that time Ronaldo was still costumed Los Blancos.

But unfortunately, behind his extraordinary talent, Ronaldo is a problematic player. Like partying and enjoying the nightlife. Because of these bad habits, his career was smeared, his performance declined.

“But at the same time he is a player who creates a lot of problems for me in the dressing room,” Capello said.

Admittedly, Ronaldo’s bad habits make him gain weight, and finally the performance of the player becomes sluggish.

In his last season with Los Blancos, Ronaldo even only scored four goals in 13 matches in all competitions. Finally, Real Madrid agreed to release him to AC Milan through the official tag of 8 Million Pounds Sterling.

“He used to throw parties and do everything. One time Ruud van Nistelrooy said to me ‘Coach, the dressing room smells like alcohol’.”

“Then, Ronaldo went to Milan and we started to win, but if we talk about talent, he is the greatest no doubt,” he continued.

At AC Milan, his career was also not brilliant, just playing a season for the Rossoneri before being released to Corinthians. The new legend decided to hang up boots in 2011.

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