F1 drivers “worried” about cold weather at Eifel GP

A number of Formula 1 drivers including Sebastian Vettel said they were worried about the potential for the weather when racing at the Nurburgring Circuit, Germany in the 2020 Eifel GP series next week.

For information, the 2020 Formula 1 Eifel GP will be the 11th Racing Series this season, the plan is to take place on 11 October at the Nurburgring Circuit, Germany.

Meanwhile, this is the first time for the Nurburgring Circuit to become the venue for the Jet Car Grand Prix after last receiving a similar opportunity in 2013. At that time, Ferrari Rider Sebastian Vettel managed to be the fastest.

The circuit is located in the city of Nurburg, Rheindland-Pfalz. It has always been known as a track with a very challenging and dangerous trajectory.

In fact, among racers there is a separate nickname for this Circuit. Jackie Stewart, for example, considers the Nurburgring Circuit as The Green Hell or which means Green Hell.

However, the high-level challenges presented by the Nurburgring circuit actually made Formula 1 racers even more enthusiastic about taking action there.

However, there is anxiety related to weather conditions with low temperatures or even rain.

The final winner at this Circuit, Sebastian Vettel also expressed the same anxiety. According to him, low air temperature will greatly affect tire performance.

“Racing in the Eifel region in October, we predict the weather will be very cold, so tires are a very important consideration,” said Sebastian Vettel as quoted by PlanetF1.com.

Moreover, the Scuderia Ferrari Driver knows exactly how difficult it is at the Nurburging circuit in terms of turns that force every driver to lower their speed and accelerate properly.

Therefore, it is very important to pay attention to small details if the weather is unfriendly.

“We hope to fight in a midfield where every hundredth of a second can make a difference. We have to take care of every little detail,” said Vettel.

Sebastian Vettel himself is eyeing another victory at the Nurburgring circuit later, especially considering that he currently occupies 13th place in the standings.

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