Experienced the first defeat, Liverpool must stay calm

The first defeat in the Premier League event was finally swallowed by Liverpool when they visited Manchester City headquarters on Friday (04/01) local time, as the match ended with a score of 1-2. Of course this defeat was disappointing for Jurgen Klopp’s side, only on the one hand defender Dejan Lovren asked his team to remain calm, because it was still at the top of the table and there were still other matches to be won.

Liverpool travel to Etihad Stadium on the 21st matchdays of the Premier League, in that match, Jurgen Klopp’s landing squad did lag behind due to a goal scored by Sergio Aguero, but the position was balanced after Roberto Firmino scored a reply early in the second half. Unfortunately for the Reds, their first defeat was inevitable when Leroy Sane netted the second goal on goal at midfielder Alisson Becker.

This defeat was clearly disappointing for Liverpool, considering they had previously managed to maintain an unbeaten record in the first 20 matches. Defender Dejan Lovren also admitted that this defeat was very disappointing, difficult to accept, but on the one hand he asked his colleagues to remain calm because there were still other parties to win in the rest of the season. On the one hand, Liverpool are also still at the top of the standings with a four-point advantage over their closest rivals, Manchester City.

“We will stay focused on the fight after game and look forward. Win or lose, we will not look back. People have always questioned us since before the season began, even they say this fight is the determination of champions. But football isn’t like that. We see at the end of the season where we finish. ”

“This defeat doesn’t change anything. Not. We are strong enough, we are mentally strong. This is Liverpool, we will always come back stronger. The defeat was difficult, but it was finished, we could not change it. We accept that defeat, congratulations to Manchester City. But the season is still long and I believe in this team,” said Lovren after the match.

Liverpool will return to play in the premier League on January 12, 2019, where they will face Brighton and Hove Albion.

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