Expect Nail-Biting Action In The Belgium-Tunisia Match

Belgium and Tunisia are locking horns on June 23, at the FIFA world cup 2018 at the Otkrytie arena. Belgium will be eying to over perform the minnows from Africa. Belgium is the hot favorite, there is no doubt about that. One needs to see if Tunisia will go against expectations or will Belgium prove too tough an opponent to them?

Though Tunisia would put up a brave fight, Belgians are expected to carry 3 points from this match. Tunisia might not be the dynamic team who will give an awesome performance but they do possess a certain degree of respectability with their attack, which would take many by surprise. They need to gauge out if this attack is enough to keep the Belgium team at bay.

Belgium’s side is bubbling with strong players with immense talent. They are the dark horses in any tournament and the coach does a good job of motivating them and encouraging them to do better. Though their score is pretty decent, they have not been performing at par to their level. The players’ potential seems to be untapped yet.

The two teams are not new to each other. They played with each other at the 2002 world cup and the result was a draw. And for Tunisia, this is the 5th world cup appearance. Once upon a time, they were regular at the biggest event but could not proceed past the group stage at each of their appearances.

On one hand, Belgium will be having quality in their team, being referred to as the ‘golden generation’ and on the other team, Tunisia’s players are nursing injuries. Tunisia would be opening their tournament playing versus England. Even if they do their best against them, the fight with Belgium will be different altogether. It will have more challenges and turning points. The players really need to step up to their game and press the accelerate button before it is too late.

The climatic conditions in Russia too can cause quite a stir for the Tunisian players. They are very used to the cold conditions. In spite of the majority of people saying that they are meek opponents, can they prove everyone wrong and cause a shocker? It is not going to be a cakewalk for the Belgium squad. Or as expected, Belgium will easily make it through the group? Let us keep our fingers crossed for a thrilling 90 minutes of game.

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