Exclusive Lifestyle of Harry Kane

Harry Edward Kane, captain of the England national team is an English professional footballer who plays as a striker for Premier League club Tottenham Hotspur. The prolific 24-year-old enjoyed a remarkable 2017, scoring 56 goals for club and country to become the continent’s top marksman.


Kane married his childhood sweetheart Katie Goodland. They studied together, and that is the reason she has seen his whole career and always stood by him like a rock. The paparazzi have captured her taking Kane’s dog a few times. Addition to their family is two Labrador dogs.

Kane and Goodland were ecstatic for their first child. They named their child Ivy Jane Kane. On 1st of July, Kane made a Twitter announcement concerning his engagement ceremony to his childhood sweetheart, Katie.

Things are going very smooth and happy for this beautiful couple. Later, in January 2018, they notified the coming of their second baby.

Lovely Mansion

Kane and Goodland’s house is the one to envy for with an eye-catching back garden and an outdoor pool. The theme of their humble abode is simple, with a lustrous black approaching the vestibule. It is definitely a fine-looking sight, with lights dazzling off the stunning marble floor. The black color on the marble floor made it look more elegant and classy. Even in their lounge area, they have a grey and black color scheme.

The walls around the room were an epitome of modernization enclosed in leather. The cushions alleviated the look even more. They have pertinently positioned the square chain lampshades to orchestrate with the fashionable theme.

How can we miss their home theatre screen? The room is unquestionably themed for parties. The succulent simulated grass carpeting appends to the look.

Financial Stats

Kane ranked the third most-valuable player at this year’s World Cup and received a whopping raise from Tottenham Hotspur to keep him at the club for another six years. The team announced a new contract last month, which will make him the highest-paid English player in the sport and put him in the same pay league with some of the game’s biggest earners.

The new deal is worth around $265,000 per week – double his previous wage. Kane will reportedly earn approximately $17.6 million per annum with bonuses, meaning that over the course of his six-year contract, his net salary will reach to nearly $105 million.

This was a massive increase from four years ago when he was on £20,000 per week.

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