Examined regarding online prostitution cases, Sassha Carissa is a witness

The police have just examined an adult magazine model, Sassha Carissa, who is involved in an online prostitution case involving a figure with initials TA. However, in this case, Sassha Carissa herself was only a witness.

As is known, cases of online prostitution involving artist names have indeed been rampant in the last two years. The latest is a celebrity with the initials TA, who has been arrested by the police with a similar case.

Not yet revealed who the TA artist is, the public has been shocked by the examination of the sexy model Sassha Carissa. However, Sassha’s presence in this case was confirmed not as a suspect, but as a witness.

“Yes, so she’s a witness,” said Head of Subdit V Cyber ​​Directorate of Special Criminal Investigation of West Java Police, Commissioner Reonald Simanjuntak at the West Java Regional Police Headquarters, Jalan Soekarno-Hatta, Bandung City, Wednesday (6/1/2021).

In further information, the police conducted an examination of Sassha to find out who the MR a.k.a Alona was allegedly the Pimp for a TA artist.

But unfortunately, Sassha Carissa herself admitted that she didn’t know the figure of Alona, ​​even though she had heard the name, because she was going to be introduced by a friend.

“She doesn’t know Alona personally. But she knows about Alona from her friend,” he said.

Sassha Carissa herself admitted in a separate interview that she had undergone an examination regarding the online prostitution case. As far as she knows, it is because her photo is displayed on the website of the prostitution service provider in question.

“Yes, Bro, I fulfilled the summons as a witness related to the online prostitution case incidentally on the website, which posted my photo and name without my acknowledge, thank God the perpetrator was secured by the police,” wrote Sassha via short message to detikcom.

Meanwhile, this case of online prostitution was only revealed after the police arrested a celebgram with the initials TA at a hotel in the Bandung area, in mid-December 2020.

Apart from TA, the Authorities also arrested three other people, who were named as suspects, including RJ, AH and MR.

MR or Alona himself is known to be a pimp, who has online prostitution networks throughout Indonesia.



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