Ex-patient shares COVID-19 treatment experience

Coronavirus is increasingly troubling the world community. So far this news was revealed, there are more than 118 thousand cases in various parts of the world.

This outbreak continues to spread rapidly, the article is still not found the right vaccine to destroy the virus. However, that does not mean that no Corona patient has recovered.

There is a 25 year old man from Llandudno, North Wales named Connor Reed. He told me about the experience that he felt during this COVID-19 Virus.

Starting from the work he lived in the city of Wuhan, China. At that time, November 25, 2019, Connor was active as usual. Suddenly he caught the flu, there were no other symptoms, so he could ignore these symptoms.

A week later, Connor’s condition was getting worse. He experienced a cough that could not stop, to the point that his voice disappeared.

“I feel like an ordinary flu, but this virus continues to develop gradually. Starting with the flu. I woke up and felt very bad. I coughed endlessly and finally my voice disappeared,” Connor said.

Days passed, Connor felt feverishly all over his body, his ears also felt like clogged. This is the worst phase that Connor felt during contracting the Corona Virus.

“I feel sick, it feels like I just want to curl up. There was a problem in my ear and there was also a sinus that made it look as if a balloon had exploded right in my face, and that was probably the worst symptom,” Connor explained.

Interestingly, Connor did not necessarily stop moving. He continued to work as usual, only he experienced shortness of breath when walking five meters.

“I could not take a full breath, my breath was like gasping and tightness. When I walk into the kitchen for example, I will breathe very shallow and very fast, “he continued.

At that time the Chinese Government did not yet know of the Corona Virus, which is now a frightening specter throughout the world.

Connor himself felt strange about the situation. The reason, he is a man who maintains a healthy lifestyle, does not smoke and does not drink alcohol.

Finally, on December 5, 2019, Reed decided to go to the hospital to get the right treatment. After a blood test and X-ray until the breathing test was done, finally Reed was detected as having pneumonia.

After intensive treatment, Connor finally recovered completely. Only after a few weeks, he realized that he had infected by the Coronavirus, as well as the doctor who handled it.

Penulis: | 13 Maret 2020 | blog