Ever been “criticized”, Esports donates IDR 13 trillion for National Economy

You can fill your spare time by playing games with friends or family. However, nowadays playing games is not just a pastime or hobby, but also a profession and has even been recognized as one of the World Sports Branches.

Sports in this field are known as Esports or Electronic Sports. In fact, in Indonesia, KONI has recognized Esports as an official sport.

There are a number of games contested in this Esports sport, including PUBG, CSGO, Call Of Duty, Mobile Legend, Free Fire and many more.

In fact, at the Asian Games tournament which was held in Indonesia two years ago, Esports became a new sport to be contested.

In Indonesia, in the last few years, several professional esports teams have started to appear officially and recognized by the Government.

Despite reaping the pros and cons of several incidents related to online gaming, in the end Esport is still recognized as a new sport in the country.

In fact, M Budiana as the Chief Executive of the West Java Regional Sports Management, revealed that esports players in Indonesia have so far touched the figure of 60 million people.

He predicts that over the next one year this number will increase to 100 million people.

“This is a very large number. Great enthusiasm. It is possible that in the next year it could reach 100 million people, ”said Budiana after the inauguration of Esports Branch administrators for several cities in West Java.

For this reason, Budiana also expressed his hope that Esport athletes in West Java could make the province proud on the national stage, even more so in the name of Indonesia on the international stage.

“Therefore, I hope that gamers in West Java must dominate nationally. Even encouraged to be able to excel internationally, “said Budiana.

What is no less interesting is the fact that Budiana revealed was that Esports had already contributed 13 Trillion Rupiah to the National Economy.

No wonder the Government has recently continued to provide support to this Sports Branch.

Penulis: | 30 September 2020 | blog