European Super League could destroy English Premier League

Former Arsenal legendary coach, Arsene Wenger does not believe that the Premier League clubs will be able to survive with the tight schedule of matches that await them if the European Super League agenda is actually carried out.

For information, lately it has become a frequent conversation regarding the agenda of the Europa Super League competition. Of course, the league will be followed by some of Europe’s top teams in a league format.

In fact, according to the news, there are already a number of investors and sponsors who are ready to pour large funds so that this Super Europa League can be realized in the near future.

Josep Maria Bartomeu before resigning from his position as President of Barcelona also said that the Catalan giants had agreed to play in the European Super League.

The big Premier League clubs themselves are reportedly planning a project called Big Picture to make them even more powerful.

However, Arsene Wenger seems pessimistic about this European Super league, not about its sustainability, but about the impact it can have, especially on the Premier League.

According to the man from France, the existence of the European Super League could actually kill the English Premier League itself.

“Another league is trying to destroy the advantage that the Premier League has. For them, the best way to tame it is to create the Europa League. Basically it means destroying the Premier League,”

“If they have the approval of the big English clubs it will happen.” said Wenger to The Guardian.

Indeed, Britain is the country with the most competition in Europe today. In total there are three competitions in one season that each team must participate in. The addition of the league is not impossible to make the fitness level of the players very bad.

The presence of the New League, especially those involving big European teams, does mean added entertainment for connoisseurs of this sport. However, Wenger thinks that new competition is only emerging as a money field for investors and sponsors.

“This is also football, but we are in the owner or investor period. [For] investors, their first target is to make money. The European Super League is one way, perhaps, to make more money,” he said.

Penulis: | 29 Oktober 2020 | blog