Essien concerned about Mourinho’s situation at Manchester United

Former Chelsea midfielder, Michael Essien, is sympathetic to the situation who experienced by his former coach, Jose Mourinho at Manchester United at this time. Following a series of negative results obtained by the Red Devils, according to Essien, it is unfair to dismiss the Portuguese coach. But, he realized that all of this was part of football.

Admittedly, Jose Mourinho is on the brink of his position as Manchester United’s tactical interpreter at the moment. Although the club has just ended a negative period with a dramatic victory over Newcastle United, still the dismissal of Mourinho is still prominent. The reason is Manchester United only recorded 4 wins from 8 Premier League parties that have taken place.

Naturally, if there were a lot of speculations Mourinho’s dismissal came from the manager’s seat, even some names of top coaches, like Zinedine Zidane and Antonio Conte were believed to be an option to replace The Special One. Associated with the situation of his former coach at Chelsea, Essien claimed to be concerned.

“This is all part of the game. When things don’t go right, the club starts making changes. It’s not fair [if they fire him] but, as I said, this is part of the game. Trainers come and go, but we have to wait and see what happens.”

“They have a very bad start this season. Knowing Jose and his players, I’m sure they will work hard and start changing things. He is a good man, and he always knows how to bring out the best potential of his players. He knows when things aren’t right and he knows what to do and the words that must be revealed to lift them up,” said Essien, who had worked with Mou at Chelsea and Real Madrid, to Standard Sport.

Penulis: | 12 Oktober 2018 | blog