Erik Ten rejects move to Chelsea

The assessment of Chelsea against Ajax Amsterdam coach Erik Ten Hag seems to have to be stopped immediately. Reported recently, this 49-year-old coach expressly refused any invitation from Chelsea if he had to leave Ajax.

The Blues are the English Premier League team that attracts the most attention, not enough with the embargo scandal alone, now Chelsea are also focusing on matters of maintaining the figure of his coach next season.

At present, Chelsea is hit by rumors of going to part with Maurizio Sarri. Sarri claimed to have been uncomfortable in London even though he had presented the 2018-2019 Europa League title. According to reliable sources, Sarri is ready to return to the Italian Serie A by agreeing to a three-season contract with Juventus.

Sarri’s issue then led to speculation that Chelsea needed to prepare several options for prospective replacement Sarri. One of them was Erik Ten Hag who was considered to have extraordinary abilities after bringing Ajax to marry the Eredivisie title, KNVB Bekker, and qualify for the Champions League semi-finals last season.

But unfortunately, the interest in Erik Ten Hag had to be ended by Chelsea and it was impossible to transport it out of Ajax. According to a brief statement on a Dutch television program, Erik Ten Hag in a tone confidently ready to reject Chelsea’s offer if it really happened.

A lot of analysis says if the reason for Erik Ten Hag’s refusal to Chelsea is because of the embargo scandal that will be accepted by the London club in the next one season. This situation will make the Blues unable to register new players for the next year.

In other words, if Erik Ten Hag accepted Chelsea’s offer, he could only work with existing players, minus Eden Hazard who had officially left for Real Madrid. With a stock of players that are endless, Erik Ten Hag is also claimed to be afraid if he later fails and is definitely fired.

This condition clearly burdens his career as a professional coach who is looking for big names on the world stage. The failure to get Erik Ten Hag has made Chelsea slam the steering wheel which is now overtaking Frank Lampard as their new manager next season.

The legend in the last season being the figure of Derby County coach was considered to have good capital to refine the Blues. Chelsea hopes Lampard’s appointment process can be realized before the end of this month because as of July 2019 they have had to prepare a pre-season tour as preparation for the Premier League and Champions League performances.

Penulis: | 14 Juni 2019 | blog