Enjoying her super-hot broth, this woman suddenly coughing up blood?

Hot pot is one dish that is loved by many people in China, especially in winter like now. Dishes containing hot and savory gravy, with a number of slices of meat and Seafood, as if to make the body feel warmer and more energy to go through the day.

When enjoying a hot pot, it would be better to consume when the soup is still very hot, but of course the risks that can occur are also very dangerous. As recently experienced by a woman named Zhang, who was from Hangzhou, China. The woman was enjoying her hotpot, then experienced something terrible.

Reporting from World of Buzz (6/12), at that time Zhang went to a hot pot restaurant with her friends. But after she finished eating, she began to feel pain in the throat and chest. She felt like something was stuck in his throat when she swallowed. The woman initially thought that she had accidentally swallowed a bone.

But what happened the next day actually got worse, even Zhang could not swallow her own saliva. Then suddenly she had a cough that bled! Panicking after coughing up blood, Zhang went straight to the doctor. There the doctor checks the condition of her stomach and throat.

Apparently, the Doctor’s team found that in Zhang’s throat there was a wound that was up to 22 cm long! Zhang is known to suffer from esophagus, which is inflammation of the lining of the esophagus. Then inflammation of the stomach lining, until bile reflux or rising bile into the stomach.

The case was considered very serious and severe, but fortunately Ms. Zhang’s life could still be saved, and the woman was currently recovering. However, the doctor again warned of the dangers of drinking broth that is still very hot. This can be fatal for the throat, stomach, bile and even the digestive system.

In fact, if it continues to be done in the long term, a person has the potential to develop esophageal cancer. Therefore, it is very important to know the dangers of consuming hot pots. There is no prohibition, but it would be nice to wait for the sauce temperature to go down, due to the fact that Hot Pot itself can have a temperature of 100 degrees Celsius.

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