England Must Be Able To Tame Panama

England is competing with Panama on 24th June 2018 in the FIFA world cup tournament at Nizhny Novgorod stadium. The English team will be looking forward to sailing through the match easily against Panama, who is one of the lowest ranked teams.

It is high time that the Three Lions put all speculations to rest and display their talent to the world. If they do not have 3 points in their bag after their match with Tunisia, the pressure will show and anything can happen. But the team definitely possesses the talent to send back Panama to where they came from.

In case, things do go as planned, Panama will return to their nation in a matter of matches. Debutants Panama are placed in a tough team, the English riding high after a magnificent qualifying round of the show. This will be Panama’s second game in the tournament, and they have nothing to fear or lose. They are not burdened with expectations. This would help them in giving it the best shot and throw in some surprises.

England had a comfortable qualifying round. They dominated everyone in their group in the UEFA. They segregated 26 points from a maximum of 30, scored 18 goals and gave away only 3. They seemed a determined and a tough team, and the past few friendlies speak that they are still the same.

Panama has qualified after 11 failed attempts and after succeeding finally, the team, as well as the whole nation, was jubilant. As a mark of celebration, the government declared a national holiday. They threw off USA in the CONCACAF and were behind Mexico and Costa Rica.

England stayed in the race for the cup in the World Cup 2014 for just 8 days. Then a humiliating loss to Iceland in the 2016 Euro Championship, before which there was a string of losses in 1990’s, which continued in 2004, 2006, and 2012. Thus, it is not surprising that the team’s and the nation’s hopes and expectations are low. They must break the jinx and wipe out the sorrow from every Englishman’s heart.

Raheem Sterling has had a spectacular season, and he is the latest find of the England squad. Though his team’s defense is not among the best, their job is cut out in this match with Panama.

The predictions are going in favor of England since they cannot afford to lose against a debut team.

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