Encounters of Poland with Rival Squads would be Thrilling

You will probably agree that it was a surprise for a host of football fans that the draw for World Cup 2018 has pushed Poland ahead. The fact that Poland managed a higher ranking despite the knockout round of a major face-off only once is not a pain point, but the way the skewed draw pushed the country ahead of others. There is no doubt that the squads like Spain and England could compete at many events. However, the remarkable qualification record of Poland alone escalated them to a higher position.

Qualifying Rounds 

It might not be fair to conclude that the record-breaking 16 goals by the captain Robert Lewandowski alone could see the country entering the qualifying group. There is no doubt that the contribution by the captain was crucial. If you say that this is a one-man team, it would undermine the ability of other members of the squad. You should keep in mind the heavy contribution by the entire squad while facing either the Uruguay or Mexico.

Possible Squad 

Goalkeeper: You can expect stellar performance from either Wojciech Szczesny or Lukasz Skorupski or Lukasz Fabianski when on the field with any rival team. It may not be an easy task for an ordinary team or a member to hit a goal when any of the above goalkeepers are in action.

Defenders: When the Defenders like Michal Pazdan, Bartosz Bereszynski are on the field, it might be difficult for the opponent squad to achieve their target. The able support of Thiago Cionek, Kamil Glik, Marcin Kaminski, Lukasz Piszczek and Tomasz Kedziora would make the things difficult for a team to penetrate without an appropriate strategy beyond the defenders.

Midfielders: When you visit the Midfielders departments, there is no dearth of star players like Krzysztof Maczynski, Jacek Makuszewski (Goralski), Rafal Wolski or Grzegorz Krychowiak. Probably, the supporting midfielders such as Kamil Grosicki, Maciej Rybus, Jakub Blaszczykowski, Pawel Wszolek, would also add sheen to the game. Further, you cannot undermine the performance by Piotr Zielinski, Damian Kadzior or Maciej Makuszewski. 

Forward Players: It would be worth watching the action of Robert Lewandoski and Mariusz Stepinski on the field.

Of course, there is no doubt that Adam Nawalka, the coach of Poland team has to put in tremendous efforts to ensure that the morale of a squad is intact. The contribution of each member of the squad counts to achieve the objective of a team in advancing into higher levels as the tournament progresses.

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