Eliminated From UCL, Andrea Pirlo Is Afraid Of Being Fired By Juventus

Andrea Pirlo arguably has failed to carry out the main mission of the club to speak a lot on the European Champions League stage. Having just arrived in the last 16, they were eliminated by a mediocre team like FC Porto. So, will Pirlo be fired from the manager chair?

Juventus actually has a less heavy mission in the second leg of the round of 16, WIB (10/03). They only need to win 1-0 to ensure a ticket to the quarter-finals.

On paper, the Bianconneri are clearly the more favored, especially when they play at home. It is true, the duel was won by Juventus with a final score of 3-2, but FC Porto is more entitled to advance to the quarter-finals because of the aggregate away goals.

In short, Juventus are again eliminated from the European Champions League, the dream of lifting the European Champions league title must be delayed again until next year.

Obviously this is disappointing for the Bianconneri fans, moreover, their condition in the League is also not very good.

At times like this, the coach is the most responsible figure, where this figure is none other than Andrea Pirlo.

If you refer to what happened before, the coach is always fired if he fails to take the team further in the European Champions League. Most recently there is Maurizio Sarri, who was sacked even though he was able to lead Juventus to defend the Scudetto.

Now, will Andrea Pirlo have the same fate? The person concerned didn’t know for sure, but he certainly wasn’t afraid of being fired from the coaching seat.

“I don’t know why Maurizio Sarri was fired. I am the coach of Juventus, I was taken to a broader approach, a project that has always been meant to be developed for several years, so I am not worried about getting sacked. ” said Pirlo to Sky Italia.

But of course, the Italian legend is not happy with his team being eliminated from the European Champions League, however on the one hand, Cristiano Ronaldo et al can focus on the results in the League.

“I’m not happy to work on matches once a week, because I prefer to stay in the Champions League,”

“Now that we are in this situation, we can work on various aspects of training, which we have not had time to do so far this season, and try to improve.” he continued.

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