Electric bill tripled, Kartika Putri blowing up!

Indonesian celebrity Kartika Putri was very upset about her upload on social media recently. Her frustration was related to electric bills that rose sharply even almost three times the bills in the previous months.

In her personal Instagram account, the former comedian admitted that he was shocked to see electricity bills at home, which usually only had IDR 6 to 7 million per month, now could reach IDR 17 million per month.

“My electric bill is usually idr 6-7 million monthly, how come this month it reaches IDR 17 million?” said Kartika Putri with crying emoticons in her Instagram Stories.

Obviously this significant increase made Kartika confused, she then asked PLN to explain this.

“Please explain, yes, @pln,” continued Kartika Putri.

Kartika’s frustration did not stop there, the 29-year-old woman even planned to switch to using Petromax so that her electricity bill would not increase again.

“Starting to switch to petromax,” Kartika Putri wrote by showing petromax images on her Instagram Stories.

This very significant increase in electricity bills made Kartika feel traumatized, whether she intended to insinuate or was indeed upset, she said she was afraid to charge her cellphone at home.

“Just return to this communication tool. Those who want to contact me can get a letter, because they don’t have the courage to charge a cellphone,”said Kartika Putri again.

In fact, to reduce the bill, Kartika, who is now known to have veiled and closed genitals, plans to go to warnet, if she wants to open social media.

“Just open the ig here,” Kartika Putri said by posting a picture of the internet cafe.

Actually, it is not only Kartika Putri that the public figures are complaining about the increase in the postpaid electric bill.

Earlier there were also complaints from the singer, Doctor Tompi. The singer of the song pierced my heart was complaining about this via Twitter. He wondered why the electric bill in one of his vacant offices had risen sharply, even though the office was not being used.

Then there is Chef Arnold who has a similar complaint, the difference is that Chef Arnold’s complaints has made peace with PLN.

Penulis: | 10 Juli 2020 | blog